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The interviewer talks with a former U.S. Army infantryman who is veteran of a zombie takeover which took place in Yonkers, New York:

"I caught one square in the chest. I watched him fly backward, hit the asphalt, then get right back up again as if nothing has happened. Dude...when they get back up...

[The cigarette has burned down to his fingers. He drops and crushes it without noticing.]

I did my best to control my fire, and my sphincter. 'Just go for the head,' I kept telling myself. 'Keep it together, just go for the head."...

We could have stopped them, we should have, one guy with a rifle, that's all you need, right? Professional soldiers, trained marksmen...how could they get through? They still ask that, critics and armchair Pattons who weren't there. You think it's that simple? You think that after being 'trained' to aim for the center mass your whole military career you can suddenly make an expect head shot every time? You think in that strait-jacket and suffocation hood it's easy to recharge a clip or clear a weapon jam? You think that after watching all of the wonders of modern warfare fall flat on their high-tech hyper ass, that after already living through three months of Great Panic and watching everything you knew as reality be eaten alive by an enemy that wasn't even supposed to exist that you're gonna keep a cool head and a steady fucking trigger finger?

[He stabs a finger at me.]

Well, we did! We still managed to do our job and make Zack pay for every fuckin' inch! Maybe if we'd had more men, more ammo, maybe if we'd just been allowed to focus on our job...

[His finger curls back into his fist.]

Land Warrior, high-tech, high-priced, high-profile netro-fucking-centric Land Warrior. To see what was in front of our face was bad enough, but spybird uplinks were also showing how truly large the hoard was. We might be facing thousands, but behind them were millions! Remember, we were taking on the bulk of New York City's infestation! This was only the head of one really long undead snake stretching all the way back to Time's Fuckin' Square! We didn't need to see that. I didn't need to know that! That scared little voice wasn't so little anymore. It was in my earpiece. Every time some jerkoff couldn't control his mouth, Land Warrior made sure the rest of us heard it. 'There's too many!' 'We gotta get the fuck out of here!' Someone from another platoon, I didn't know his name, started hollering 'I hit him in the head and he didn't die! They don't die when you shoot them in the head!' I'm sure he must of missed the brain, it can happen, a round just grazing the inside of the skull...maybe if he'd been calm and used his own brain, he would have realized that. Panic's even more infectious than the Z Germ and the wonders of the Land Warrior allowed that germ to become airborne. 'What?' 'They don't die?' 'Who said that?' 'You shot it in the head?' 'Holy crap! They're indestructible!' all over the net you could hear this, browning shorts across the info superhighway...."



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Jun. 5th, 2007 11:24 pm (UTC)
Funny, jeana just told me about that book saturday.
Jun. 6th, 2007 06:01 pm (UTC)
I got myself (and a friend) that book for xmas I read it a little at a time, not totally by choice. :/ Every time I pick it up it's like a signal for people to start bugging me.
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