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"Speaking of men.
As individual husbands, fathers, brothers, sons and lovers, rather than as the most affluent team of business associates on the planet--are involved with this bleeding situation in a deeply subconscious way.
Men do themselves a great service learning about women and the moon. Unless they're incarcerated, it is just about impossible to avoid interacting with us.
Bleeding ladies are taught to be, at best, intolerant of a month-to-month physiological occurrence which clocks the time of our bodies. We therefore act mighty peculiar. Disliking something unavoidable takes its toll after a while. Some people call this PMS.
If, at every stage of life, society commanded men to despise their hard-ons, how pleasant would they be when this bodily function that they are incapable of desisting occurred?
Society fails to acknowledge that our bleeding cycles affects men's lives tremendously. This is further compounded by the fact that women who live and work in close proximity to one another tend to merge bleeding cycles. Chances are, every woman in a given household or workplace is bleeding at the same time. Sometimes men are surrounded on all sides by cranky, bleeding cunts.
To the incognizant, we seem entirely unpredictable. We may bite a man's head off for the smallest vagrancy.
They know this.
There is no way for them not to know this.
But chances are, they don't understand, and act like jerks 'cause their courage is tested. When most men who don't understand women see how really scary we are, courage usually segues into fear. This results in anger, frustration, violence and the perpetuation of general disrespect towards women. Bottom line: Men are afraid of our blood....
Can't say that I blame men for fearing our bloody cunts. We be powerful people when we bleed....
The social requirement that we fulfill the responsibilities of our non-menstruating selves at all times throughout our cycle is the source of our alleged PMS.
We're taught to distrust everything about our very compelling blood mystery. Yet the clickety-clack, passive-aggressive business world of men and machines is the absolute antithesis of everything our senses crave the first few days of our blood. In our souls we know this. In our DNA, we want to be quiet with ourselves. In this society, where a day to ourselves might very well mean no one to care for the children and no food on the table, bleeding women are naturally irritable...."

I still cannot thank jodawi enough for buying this for me so many summers ago...



Jun. 21st, 2007 10:57 pm (UTC)
This book is pretty amazing.
It became a sort of bible for a group of my theatre friends in college who were feminists. My ex actually made a performance piece based on the text. I was part of it and we were all linked together through our belief that women are more than what men know/think/believe/conceive, etc. I am glad that you enjoyed it.